• Modular construction
  • Integral drilling station with linear guide mechanism
  • Software controlled display of drilling depth, tolerance calculation and indexing aid
  • High-performance CAB 820 or CAB 920 Measuring instrumentation
  • Permanent calibration
CS 30 balancing machines can be used with the CAB 820 or CAB 920 measuring instrumentation and can also be equipped with a report printer.

A further advantage of the CS 30 balancing machine lies in its area universal applicability. The machine is also suitable for other rigid rotors provided that they do not exceed the geometrical limits of the machine.

Unbalance correction is performed directly on the CS 30 by a highperformance drilling unit. There is therefore no need to remove the work-piece from the machine and install it on a separate correction unit.

Range of application

CS 30 crankshaft balancing machines are conceived in particular for low-volume production and overhaul shops. The CS 30 is a hard-bearing machine with permanent calibration. This means that a new rotor can be mounted easily and balanced after entering only a few geometrical rotor data.
The integrated measuring instrumentation directly displays unbalance with amount and angular position, depending on the initial unbalance of the rotor.

CS 30 balancing machines are suitable for rotors weighing up to 700 kg. A powerful underslung belt drive ensures short acceleration periods for short balancing cycles. The machine's compact and sturdy design concept provides for a small footprint.

Technical data
Technical data at a glance    CS 30 
Basic machine with CAB 700    Hard-bearing, with permanent calibration 
Length of machine bed    1500 mm, optional 2500 
Unbalance reduction ratio (URV)    up to 95 % 
MARU    3 gmm 
Rotor weight    max. 700 kg 
Rotor diameter above machine base    max. 460 mm 
Bearing pedestal distance    max. 1160 mm, optional 2160 mm 
Bearing pedestal distance:     
Belt drive outside bearing pedestals    min. 70 mm 
Belt drive between bearing pedestals    min. 120 mm 
Bearing journal diameter    10 - 80 mm 
Drive system     
Underslung belt drive    Grösse 3/30 
Belt width    ca. 13 mm 
Balancing speed, min.    ca. 160 - 2380 min -1 
Drive power    2,2 kW, frequency controlled 
Motor speed    ca. 2800 min -1 
Drilling unit     
Spindle speeds    60 / 130 / 230 / 450 / 800 / 1500 min -1 
Drill diameter    max. 25 mm 
Nominal power    1,1 kW 
Distance between correction planes    800 mm standart, 1700 mm as option 
Stroke of spindle sleeve    ca. 125 mm 
Movement of drilling head    Parallel to rotor shaft axis  
Height adjustment of drilling head    350 mm 
Swivelling range of drilling unit    360° 
Basic machine  Order No.  R0270100.02 
CAB 920 measuring unit  Order No.  R0270101.02 
Software  Order No.  R0270103.02